Installation Instructions


There are two methods of installing these boards; Quick fit, or Concealed Fixing.

Quick Fit

Simply drill sufficient holes through the aluminium trim and screw board to wall.

Concealed Fixing Method

  1. Screw mounting brackets to wall with the top of the bracket 10mm lower than the desired height for the board. Use small head screws. Make sure brackets are level.
  2. For large boards, a middle bracket may be required.
  3. Slide board down over bracket ensuring rear of board engages the bracket.

Whiteboards – Clip-on Pen Tray

  1. Mount board on wall.
  2. First clip the top of the pen tray into the top of the trim, in the gap between the whiteboard surface and the frame.
  3. With a firm action, apply downward pressure to snap the pen tray onto the trim.

  4. Ensure tray is in correct position prior to snap-fitting, as once snapped on, it is very difficult to remove.