Allboards Visual

ABP Group manufactures and supplies pinboards, whiteboards and other educational writing boards.  These products are 100% Australian Made using high quality components.  All products come in standard sizes however custom sizes can be manufactured upon request.  Boards include:

  • Whiteboards (Magnetic and non-magnetic)
  • Mobile Whiteboards
  • Combination Boards
  • Lockable Noticeboards
  • Cork Pinboards
  • Glass Whiteboards
  • Fabric Pinboards
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Acoustic Lining
  • Sandwich Boards
  • Chalkboards

To ensure client satisfaction we are able to arrange site measures for precise board sizes.  However detailed plans, sections and elevations of relevant areas are sufficient to determine board sizes.  Before proceeding with board manufacture, board sizes and designs/patterns are approved by you, the client.  For more information please contact our friendly sales staff.

Our Suppliers include:

  • Fabric Material
    • Autex
    • Melded Fabrics
    • Charles Parsons
  • Bulletin Board Surface Material
    • Forbo