Toilet Partition Systems

13mm Compact Laminate

Product Supplier Thickness (mm) Moisture Resistance Impact Resistance Finish
13 18 25 33
Compact Laminate
Laminex Y Y* High Moisture resistance, used in hosed down areas. Also resistant to graffiti and vandalism. High impact resistance for high abuse applications Standard – Laminex Multi-purpose colour range. Other – additional costs may incur for Laminex’s other ranges.

Laminex Compact Laminate is a decorative panel designed for a broad variety of uses both vertically and horizontally. Its inherent strength and durability is due to thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. As such, panels are self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable.

Available in a wide range of decors from the Laminex Colour Palette, Laminex Compact Laminate is perfect for design driven applications. Panels have a black core, that when machined, present a distinctive black edge that serves as a unique design feature.


With machinability similar to hardwood, usage options for Laminex Compact Laminate are virtually endless. These include shower and toilet cubicles, interior wall linings, café tabletops, laboratory worktops, lockers, furniture, cabinets and kitchen benchtops.

The standard panel thickness is 10mm, 13mm or 18mm, with variants from 6mm to 25mm available for special applications.


Public facilities: swimming pools, schools, sanitary facilities, shopping centres, prisons, universities, schools
Offices: furniture, reception counters
Leisure areas: shopping centres, bars, hotels
Healthcare: hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, laboratories
Residential: kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas


Laminex Compact Laminate is beautiful in appearance and can take rough treatment. It’s extremely scratch, wear, stain, moisture and impact resistant, all backed by a 10 year limited warranty or a 7 year limited warranty for Laminex Alfresco Compact Laminate. So when quality and durability are a must, look no further than Laminex Compact Laminate.


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18mm Structural Laminate

Product Supplier Thickness (mm) Moisture Resistance Impact Resistance Finish
13 18 25 33
Structure Board Laminex Y Y Y Medium
(Not recommended for wet areas, i.e. showers)
Medium 0.8mm laminate or 2 Pack Paint finished.
2mm Edge Tape to match

Structure board comes in 18mm, 25mm and 33mm thicknesses. Sheets are fabricated from woodchips or shavings, mechanically pressed together and glued with resin. ABP Group’s standard structural boards are comprised of Craftwood MR MDF E0 core, and for high moisture HMR structural particle board is used. It is then pre finished on both sides with 0.8mm melamine laminate and edged in 2mm ABS edge tape to match. This lightweight material is hard wearing and easy to maintain. It is suitable for low abuse areas; however it is not suitable for shower partitioning.

Structural board partitions come with a 5 year manufactures warranty.

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18mm Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC)

Product Supplier Thickness (mm) Moisture Resistance Impact Resistance Finish
13 18 25 33
CFC James Hardie Y High moisture resistance, used in hosed down areas High impact resistance for high abuse applications) 2 Pac Paint finished either textured or smooth (Dulux colour chart)

Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC), is manufactured by James Hardie, a global leader in fibre cement products. These innovative products have an extended lifespan, require little maintenance, are used in energy efficient buildings and have less impact on the topology and vegetation of a building site. CFC is an alternative reinforcing material to create asbestos-free, cement-based building product.

CFC is produced from cellulose fibre originating from plantation Radiata pine, Portland cement, sand, water and adhesives. Its composition allows for the product to be fire retardant, water, termite, warp and rot resistant.

This low maintenance product is painted using a 2-Pack polyurethane application in any colour from the Dulux colour range. Because of its durability CFC is highly suitable for toilet and shower partitioning and can be hosed down for easy cleaning. CFC partitions come with a 12 month warranty.


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