Colour Charts

Compact Laminate:

Some colours are more readily available than others. Below is the standard Multi-purpose colour range. Compact laminate also comes in 16mm Laboratory Grade only available in three colours; Parchment, Oyster Grey, and Black (Refer to the Multi-purpose colour range colour chart). Another range of laminate is 13 mm XR Grade, a high durability and chemical resistant product only available in 6 colours; Cosmic White, Cosmic Grey, Lunar Dust, Astro, Carbon Dust and Cosmic Black (Refer to XR Grade colour chart). However considerations should be made as Laboratory Grade and XR Grade products are more costly than the standard Multi-purpose range.

Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC):

CFC is painted with a 2Pack polyurethane paint and can be finished either smooth or textured using the Dulux colour chart. 2Pack polyurethane is a non-yellowing finish with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance. The product has excellent exterior durability due to its fastness to UV light thereby providing maximum colour retention.

2Pack polyurethane is intended as a topcoat over a selected range of undercoats and primers in the marine, transport, chemical and building industries. Typically used on steel structures, industrial equipment and machinery such as found in manufacturing and chemical plants, hospitals, food processing plants, dairies, and abattoirs. Ideal for surfaces subjected to frequent cleaning with strong detergents and mechanical brushing, chemical and solvent spillage, and heavy wear and tear.

Dulux Colour wall –

Structural Board:

Structure board comes in a variety of colours and grain patterns. Some colours are more readily available than others. Click on Multi-purpose to see the colour range for Structural Board. For other colours in the laminex range sheets of 0.8mm laminate are glued onto the raw board itself, and edged with matching edge tape. Lead times will vary (approx. 10 working days) depending on the availability of stock in Brisbane for colours outside of the Multipurpose colour range.