All Toilet Partitions

ABP Group manufactures, supplies and installs toilet, shower and fitting room internal partition systems. We offer a range of cubicle designs and systems to suit different applications and projects. We also have a design team with full CAD drawing capabilities available prior to manufacture. We Supply and Deliver locally and also interstate transports can be arranged.

These systems are available in three material options; inclusive of compact laminate, compressed fibre cement (CFC) boards, and structural board.

Typical cubicle systems –THUMBNAIL Toilet - Exploded -13mm CL - P.M OHB

  • PMOB – Pedestal Mounted and Over Head Braced
  • FMOB – Floor mounted and Over Head Braced
  • FMFS – Floor Mounted Free Standing
  • A – Blade Mounted Free Standing (13mm Laminate ONLY)
  • B – Shoebox Free Standing (13mm Laminate ONLY)
  • FMCF – Floor Mounted and Ceiling Fixed

For amenities, we also manufacture and supply urinal screens and partitions. And for showers we can also include shower seating and a splash nib per shower. For showers, only Compact Laminate and Compressed Fibre Cement is recommended, Structure Board will swell and damage in wet areas. If you wish to see a larger image, please click on the image beside this.

Door Furniture/Hardware

ABP Group hardware is supplied by Boldco and Australian owned and managed suppliers. The supplied hardware for the standard and ambulant cubicles are code compliant and design registered. For ease of specification, Metlam also have CAD drawings of their products, available on request from Metlam.

We are also aware of the Australian Standards for ambulant toilet cubicles. As such, we layout the cubicles accordingly so that they comply to AS 1428.1 2009. The adequate spaces outside and inside the cubicles are made on site and indicated on plans. Doors are also fixed with code compliant door furniture, i.e. slide locks.

Products are attainable in both stainless steel or zinc die cast alloys making them tough and durable. Boldco door hinges used have lift-off capabilities for emergency situations.

  • Compact Laminate – Boldco Ainslie Series, 3 spring hinges per door, screw fixed
  • Structure Board – Boldco Ainslie Series, 2 spring hinges per door, screw fixed
  • Compressed Fibre Cement CFC – Boldco Ainslie Series, 2 spring hinges per door, bolt through

The standard door furniture kit, per door, comes with hinges, a coathook, indicator set (indicator, turnbolt, and staple), and bumper. Extras or modifications can be arranged to meet the needed job specifications if required.

For more detail on hardware set out on doors please contact us.


Click for Metlam Website.


ABP Group use 2 standard legs for our partitioning systems, 300mm Solid Aluminium leg and 200mm Nova Adjustable stands. The 300mm Soild Aluminum stand is only used for Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) and Structure Board partition systems. 200mm Nova Adjustable stands are used for 13mm Compact Laminate partition systems.

For floor mounted free standing systems (FMFS A&B) either a shoebox or blade system is used. For details of this connection see <spec. in dropbox>.