Technical Specifications


HardieFlex™ products are jointed with a PVC mould. Hardieflex™ eaves lining and sheets are also suitable as panels in an exposed beam or rafter installation.


Versilux™ has a smooth sanded finish, square edged, available in 4.5mm (QLD only) and 6mm thicknesses.  It is suitable for any eaves, soffit or exposed beam installation.  Available in 900mm and 1200mm widths and in five stock lengths, Versilux lining can be trimmed to length and jointed with PVC straight joint moulding or butt jointed. Butt Vee joining is also possible in Queensland where bevel edged sheet is available.


For eaves and soffit lining, use 6mm or 9mm thick Villaboard lining.  This product provides a similar surface to Versilux lining for a quality decorative finish, with the addition of a recessed long edge. This allows flush jointing and the omission of the PVC straight joint moulding.