All Fibre Cement

ABP Group are distributors for James Hardie All Fibre Cement products.  James Hardie is the premier Fibre Cement manufacturers in Australia.  They design innovative products that have extended lifespan, require little maintenance, are used in energy efficient buildings and have less impact on the topology and vegetation of a building site.

Composition of Fibre Cement products includes cellulose fibre from plantation grown Radiata Pine Trees, Portland cement, sand, and water; and other chemical additives to ensure cohesion between components.  Its composition means it will not burn, it’s water resistant, resistant to termite damage, warp resistant and rot resistant.

ABP Group offers a range of products which can be cut to size, supplied and delivered locally or interstate transportation can be arranged.

The James Hardie materials used for the manufacture of ABP Group’s fibre cement products include; Hardiflex™, Versilux™ and Villaboard®.  For more information on these products go to the Fibre Cement Technical Specification section or visit the James Hardie website.