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Rob Kneebone

Managing Director
  • Was appointed Managing Director at the beginning of 2009.
  • Has had a long and close relationship with the business since 1985 and has acquired a detailed understanding of the industry.
  • Has extensive experience at both managerial and operational levels in project and personnel management, logistics and supply chain management, cost control, quality control, product design, innovation and delivery.
  • Previous employment at management and operational levels in both corporate and small business sectors in Queensland, interstate and overseas.
  • Experience and skills are supplemented by an Advanced Diploma in Project Management

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Lou Mostert

Director – Production and Installation Manager

Doug Clarke

Estimator Toilet Partitions
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Dianne Fuller

Purchasing Officer/Accounts

Steve Blackford

Internal Sales and Dispatch

Bob Favarato

Design and Estimation Consultant – Furniture
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Leila Linsley

Design and Estimation Consultant – Furniture and White/Pinboards
  • Commenced employment with Furniture Concepts in 2009 following employment as a product designer and graphic designer in private industry.
  • Was Design Manager at Furniture Concepts and has had managerial and operational experience with product design and innovation and associated computer programs.
  • Has been responsible for major purchasing and production decisions and the monitoring of quality control.
  • Experience and skills are supplemented by a Bachelor of Industrial Design from IUST University and a Master of Interior Design from Griffith University.
Kim Grayscale

Kim Bui

Draft / Designer

T.T. Rajan

Draft / Designer

Mike Linsley (BazMick)

Technical Manager